Hi! My name is Aspen Dudzic, and this March 18th I was crowned with the title Miss Teen Sturgeon County-World 2012. My pageant experience was absolutely amazing, and I met MANY wonderful people. It has been an unforgettable experience, and many memories and friendships were made within my two short days in Calgary

As March passed, and April fades away I find myself looking forward to other things. My grade nine farewell is coming up June 8th, where myself and my peers say goodbye to Namao and all our memories there (and we have lots. trust me.), and look forward to going to High School together this fall. Also exciting is the National pageant this July, and then SUMMER. My favourite six letter word. Tubing, hiking with the family, camping, or just being outdoors in general! And of course nothing is better then the warm sun shining on your face, lying in the hot sand, and the cool lake water licking at your feet. The only downside to summer, however,is the end of dance season.

I began dance at the age of six, and sported my red jazz leotard daily. I loved the music, and even at six; I loved being on stage. As the year ended, i found myself wanting to try other exciting things such as gymnastics. That fad ended after two years, and I then tried swimming, and then I joined choir. Next up was soccer, and then horseback riding, until finally, in the fourth grade I discovered the world of modelling. This is it I thought, and it was. I was instantly captivated by the worlds most wondrous activity to offer. For me, modelling was love at first strut. Nothing was more adventurous, and exciting as walking the runway. The music blasting, and cameras flashing. Yes, this is where I was meant to be. You practically had to drag me off the stage to keep me away, and from that day on I decided I needed to perform. This new insight brought me to acting, and at the Citadel I took two and a half years of acting lessons. With my group, we performed a few plays in Musical Theatre, where I again was engrossed by the music. Musical theatre was a wonderful combination of my passions, acting, dance, and being on stage. From my experiences at the Citadel, I was brought back into dance. The coming year will be my third straight. Last year my performances in jazz and hip-hop earned both myself, and my group gold medals, and as my first competition of this year is tomorrow, I hope to achieve the same. Next year I plan to pursue either lyrical or modern, and try my hand at a duet with one of my best friends. Performing has always been a big part of my life, and along with my moms assistance, it brought me to MTCW.

Basically, my mom is my best friend. She has supported me through absolutely everything, and makes sure that I get to live my dreams. We’re extremely close, and we often have ‘girls days’ where we just hang out all day long. We do pretty much everything together, and I don’t know where I would be without her. She was so much help during the pageant, and I think she enjoyed it almost as much as I did! So to my mom; THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU a million times over. For everything you’ve done for me.

I am absolutely ecstatic to become part of the MTCW family, and have already met tons of wonderful people. Lasts years’ ladies are absolutely fantastic, and have helped me immensely throughout my experience so far. I could only hope to be as wonderful as they are!

So cheers to all those girls out there with big dreams and high hopes! Never stop chasing your dreams, for I wouldn’t be here, taking over the position of Chelsea Vezina (Miss Teen Sturgeon County-World 2011) had I not. Everyone should have a chance to shine! keep dreaming!

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4 Responses to Hello from Aspen Dudzic, Miss Teen Sturgeon County-World 2012

  1. Wow great blog! Very interesting read & reaffirms what a positive & classy young lady you are!
    I love the fact that you were willing to try many different activities & knew when you found your niche performing! Wishing you great successes in all of your endeavors! Can’t wait to read more about what happens next!

  2. Rob Campbell says:

    You forgot the headline altogether. So I need you to go back inside the editor and add ‘Hello from Aspen Dudzic,Miss Teen Sturgeon County-World 2012’ to the headline of the post. Its the very top of the CMS window.

  3. I enjoyed getting to know you better Aspen by reading your blog! Can’t wait to meet you soon!

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