Yesterday (May 28th) I got to celebrate my 15th birthday hiking in the mountains with my best friends. Waking up early is usually a problem for me, but on school trips I practically jump out of bed to get ready. Having an early start to the day at 3:30am, I was bouncing around the house doing last minute packing, and when I was done my bag practically weighed 123435752476524 lbs.

Arriving at the school is the trouble. EVERYONE wants the back of the charter bus. So as expected, I wasn’t the only one 15 minutes early. After a few hours on the bus we stop at Edson. Where 30 starving jr. highs pack into a timmies at high demand. After FINALLY arriving at the mountains, we split up into our groups, and began our 4km trek uphill.


The mountains were beautiful! As we all took frequent stops to take pictures and enjoy the scenery (honestly we were exhausted.) on the benches provided. The view was breathtaking, and the crisp mountain air was refreshing. There were the occasional spots of snow that our sore aching muscles welcomed. And then, we FINALLY reached the top.


I can’t even begin to describe the glorious view. We ate our lunch literally on the peak of the mountain we had just scaled. Hundreds of adoring chipmunks came to great us, and they were so friendly that we were literally sitting right in the middle of them. If you weren’t eating, or chipmunk

watching; you were having photo ops. You would be crazy to miss that opportunity, as we were literally amongst the mountains. We could see the shadows cast on the tips of the surrounding giants, and we stood taller then any tree. It was absolutely beautiful, and unforgettable.


Sadly, we had to begin our trek down. It seemed easier at first, until you hit the snow. Everyone was sliding down the mountain, falling in the snow in shorts,

and hitting trees. (Honestly, only one of my friends fell into a tree, but I strongly believe he deserves an honourable mention for being a champion.) However painful it was, me managed to hike(fall) down the mountain, awaitingthe hot springs, and was that EVER a treat! A fantastic way to end a good 8km hike.


The soak in the springs ended all too soon, but we had a tight schedule, and it was time to leave. It seemed the animals weren’t ready to say goodbye to us Namaoins, as we were

greeted by quite a few elk surrounding our bus. Once we boarded, almost everyone slept. So of course, we brought out the eyeliner.. Great end to the day, and a fantastic way to celebrate with all of my friends! Love ’em all!<3

-Hey diddle diddle.

Written by: Aspen Dudzic
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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good work Aspen. Thanks for sharing that adventure with us. You’re a good writer. Lots of good pictures too, but you are missing categories and keyword tags. They are important because they help people find your posts in search engines.

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