If I could travel absolutely anywhere in the world with S-trip with my friends, it would be Paris. My friends and I have wanted to experience the culture and life in France for a very long time. In my opinion, Paris is basically the fashion capital of the world. Their trends are

so far ahead of what we find trendy on a day-to-day basis. Clothing in Paris has that extra edge, its chic, its tough, its in your face. It’s fashion. And as clothing and trends is one of my passions, I have always aspired to travel to Paris.



If I had the opportunity to experience the city, I would first take advantage of all the site-seeing. Places such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, the River Seine, Notre Dame Cathedral and

other incredible architecture, would surely receive a visit from moi. I would easily be kept busy by Paris’s rich history, amazing culture and of course the unique artwork. Besides, the  cuisine in Paris is not to missed, and is beyond comparable to many other dishes in the world. Not to mention, it would be almost impossible to not enjoy yourself, as you’d be constantly keeping up with the pulse and tempo of the city.



Assuming I was blessed with the chance to visit this city, I would choose to bring along with many incredible people. I would bring Nickie, Mckenna, Brittney, and Shawna so they could wear cute outfits from Paris with me, while we talked and ate bon bons! Lucas,

because he promises to let me have the aisle seat on the plane. Ross and Alia, because I know they would just love to go. My Auntie Connie to supervise me(; and Chris so that he can visit Jim Morrisons grave! There are als many others, but these fantastic people just specifically requested I bring them.(:


I would just like to thank S-trip for allowing me this opportunity to win a free trip! And thank-you so much for sponsoring my pageant!

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