Each year, thousands of teens suffer from insecurities.                                                                         We think to ourselves “I am not good enough.                        I’m not pretty enough. I’ll never BE enough.”                                                       When we feel this way about ourselves, it means that we have  a low self esteem. We have a poor self image, and think low about ourselves, and we need to be shown that we can in fact “SHINE.(:”





My dream TV show will be a talk show discussing problems among teens such as anorexia, bulimia, and others. Teens will be invited to the stage to talk about insecurities they had, and what they did to overcome it; while other times teens will be invited to talk about current issues they have, and the audience may step in to aid. Teens HELPING teens. targeting low self esteem, and demonstrating how we can all “SHINE.(:” The perfect way to show that we are not alone, and that we can overcome anything.




For my talk show “SHINE.(:” I would like my two sponsors to                                                 be M.A.C and BURMAN BOOKS. I selected these two because

BURMAN BOOKS are publishers of ‘motivational and self help                                          books’ which works quite well with the theme of   the show.                                                       I chose  M.A.C because although we don’t require cosmetics to                                                LOOK beautiful,  some us like to use these products to help us                                             FEEL beautiful.



It would be a fantastic business move for these two companies to assist in funding for my dream TV show because of our definitive edge which places us in advantage to competitors; Teens. There’s no question that teens enjoy kicking back on the couch, and watching some good TV, and “SHINE.(:” is a program specifically broadcast-ed to teens, everywhere. And as the world knows, teens like to buy. 95% of teens tune into retail trends, and as “SHINE.(:” would be promoting M.A.C they would very likely receive an incline in business. As for BURMAN BOOKS; since self-help books are generally sought after by adults, they would benefit by having their merchandise broadcast-ed to a wider audience, as

opposed to just appealing to the older generations. Clearly, everyone would benefit  from “SHINE.(:”



Lastly, here is an idea of what the poster for “SHINE.(:” would look like:

                                          And always remember: no matter what, you can SHINE.(:

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